About us

The Preloaders.net web-site was launched in February 2008. It has been developed by two people:

Programming by Timur Gafforov & Avraam Makhmudov
Design by Avraam Makhmudov and Timur Gafforov. Previous versions by Timur Yerzin

Please, feel free to buy our preloaders source files at our AJAX loaders store.

We would also like to forward special thanks for the invaluable input to the web-site to:
Ricardo Zea - for web-site design suggestions and the idea for the second version
James Edwards - for the great "sprites" and other features he suggested.

Our projects and partners:

Iconizer.net - Free icons generator
CSSload.net - Free loading CSS spinners and bars generator
Animizer.net - GIF & APNG tools (split, combine, animate static image, modify animated image)

Lumenhost.com - Awesome Europe based web-hosting provider

Наша Улица - литературное сообщество
Перекрыли.ру - пробки и перекрытия на Российских дорогах

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